Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Second Set of Lessons from a Week-Long Bible Camp, Part 5

Remember that many camps rely on volunteer staff. That means they receive no monetary compensation for their hard work and dedication to the camp program. And many have given up a week of hard-earned vacation time to work at the camp. Therefore, it's important to:

Thank Your Staff

Kitchen duty involves hard work and long hours (earlier points notwithstanding). Pat your staff on the back.

In 2003, during the camp's annual talent show, I called all of the cooks and dishwashers to the stage by name and personally thanked them. After a few hoots and hollers for the peanut butter, mayonnaise and dill pickle sandwiches, I called each person to the stage and personally thanked them for their hard work.

Another thing staff and campers do at FC Camp is hand out candygrams. A candygram is a small candy bar or lollipop that's been taped to a cute messaged that usually says, "I appreciate you." They're passed out toward the end of dinner each day.

For all aspiring chefs out there, remember it's the cooks under your charge that make you a chef. Without them, you're just a cook. A chef is a leader of cooks. And great leaders recognize their staff (even if it means getting an earful from you wife turned camp cook because you pulled her on stage).

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