Monday, August 08, 2005

Camp -- Qualities of a Good Kitchen Crew

Here are a few areas where the 2005 Northern California FC Camp kitchen crew excelled.

I was encouraged late in the week when the two new couples told me that they're definitely returning for 2006 camp. And I have a maybe from another person. That'll give the kitchen crew four on year number five, two on year three and four or five on year two. I may have all eleven crew members back for 2006.

Sanitizing all work surfaces: The crew learned early in the week to spread a thin coat of quat sanitizer solution over all food contact surfaces. I believe that this is an extension of our concern for bacteria and viruses in the home.

Keeping the salad bar stocked: Every time I asked, "Has the salad bar been restocked," the answer was, "Yes." Wendy, Helen and Alisa kept the salad bar fully stocked for lunch and dinner.

Washing pots and pans: Some has to clean pots and pans. It's a laborious job that must be done three times each day. It's especially important when you realize that we didn't have sufficient pots or pans to function beyond two meals. Both men and women jumped in throughout the day and got the job done. At one point or another all 11 staff washed pots and pans. Phil, Debbie and David were the main pot washers.

Filing the ice water jug: My wife took this task on as hers throughout the week. She's now talking about using two Igloo water jugs next year because the campers suck down water at an insatiable rate during sports breaks.

Keeping busy: I'm blessed with a crew that's willing to work. They usually need someone to get them started. Throughout the week, I often hear, "What can I do next?"

Completing each task: I rarely had to search for volunteers to get the job done. Yes, they took breaks but sometimes it was an issue of kicking them out of the kitchen for a break. I never had to ask, "Where have you been? We have work to do." David and Carol take the prize for spending the most hours in the kitchen. We usually had to push Carol out of the kitchen around 4 p.m.

Concern for food safety: I had a crew who's hearts were in the right place. I believe that this stems from my training on Saturday evening and from the concern that they brought from home.

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