Monday, April 17, 2006

Chuckwagon for Sale on eBay

I'd love to buy a chuckwagon. Not because it's part of my heritage -- my relatives never got near one -- but because it pictures my vision of outdoor cooking.

So I was elated when this chuckwagon was posted to eBay on April 9. I had originally planned to watch the auction from a distance. I entertained no thought of buying the 100-year old horse-drawn kitchen.

The auction ended yesterday with a top bid price of $6,843.26. Since the reserve price was not met, the chuckwagon didn't sell. My guess is that a genuine chuckwagon will sell for $20,000 or more.

This morning I thought it'd be interesting to see what the seller was up to. Has he re-posted the chuckwagon? Or did he withdraw it from the market?

A quick searched found a new auction and a few anomalies. The new auction is currently selling for $699.89.

The identical chuckwagon was posted three days before the original auction ended. Something sinks to high cowpatties! The two auctions were offered by different sellers (pepperdoesit and fotyfat).

Another interesting fact is that both sellers have recently registered on eBay, March 21 and April 6, respectively. All the photographs are identical. Even the license plate on the transport trailer matches in both auctions.

If you're inclined to bid on such an item, please check things out thoroughly. I'd be suspicious of this auction.


  1. i have a complete army chuckwagon trailer. all aluminum with all the burners,and equipment. if intrested email thanks

  2. Steven,

    Contemplating selling my 1890s near mint condition chuckwagon used in food competitions across the country. Will likley sell complete with ovens, fire irons, and all antiques. Will sell for reasonable price. If interested: contact me at

  3. Hi Steven- just came across your site. You linked to my page awhile ago. Anyway saw the post, my friend is selling his wagon. Let me know if you're interested. Keep the wood dry and don't burn the bread! -Kent Rollins