Friday, April 07, 2006

New Kingsford Charcoal Product Line

According to a post on the International Dutch Oven Society Forum, "Kingsford is at it again." Apparently, in the past few years, Kingsford has changed its formulation of charcoal briquettes.

In the past few years, the forum has been alive with charges that foreign material in the charcoal impedes its burning qualities. I've had some poor quality Kingsford charcoal a few years ago -- a late summer purchase from Costco in 2004, I believe. Beyond a few bad experiences, my Kingsford charcoal (and that's the only brand of briquettes that I use) has performed well for Dutch oven cooking and for grilling.

Kingsford has revamped its charcoal line for 2006. Although I've yet to see the new charcoal with "sure fire groves," the idea makes sense from a scientific standpoint. Anytime you increase the surface area of a product, like a charcoal briquette, you increase the area that will catch fire and burn. It stands to reason that the should burn faster.

The question will be how much faster and is there any measurable improvement over traditional briquettes?

Here's The Virtual Weber Bullet's assessment of Kingsford's new product. Since I'm posting on break at work, I haven't had time to review their review yet. More to come ....


  1. You will notice in the Virtual Bullet Weber's article two things.

    1) There seems to be less charcoal in the "new one" because of the grooves.

    2) The same number weighs .25 oz. less than the orignal coals.

    The trend of charging the same or more for less product is a bit disturbing, but understandable when you need to make a profit. I haven't seen any of this new charcoal yet so I'll have to see how it really works on the grill and the dutch ovens.

  2. I've used this new stuff and I had problems cooking with this on both a grill and for my Dutch Ovens.

    I so't buy it anymore as the charcoal burns too quick and doesn't give uniform heat when it does burn so I've ruined a few meals...

    Now I buy anything BUT Kingsford.

    Good luck.

  3. The Vitualweberbullet website is a propoganda site for Kingsford...they have the owner in their pocket...isn't it interesting that they "invited" just him to the Kingsford plant and now...surprise, surprise...the site boasts two large articles extolling the virtues of the new K-product which has been roundly criticized...hmmmmm....