Friday, April 21, 2006

Railroad Photographs

I've taken up a new hobby -- railroad photograph. Take at my favorite rail blog -- --if you enjoy railfan pictures.

With a new Canon Digital Rebel EOS 350D in hand, I'll be featuring some of my photographs in the coming months. Until I can get out into the countryside, I'll display pictures in and around the Sacramento Amtrak depot and the California State Railroad Museum.

Although my office location is handy for such photography -- I work a block from the depot -- ultimately I'll have to locate some more picturesque locations. I may even drive into work once or twice a month and stop along the tracks on the commute home.

Amtrak engine 2007 pulls westbound Train 537 for San Jose. This engine is one of 14 EMD F59PHI locomotives purchased by the California Department of Transportation for use on the Capitol Corridor and other routes.
Union Pacific 2948, an EMD SD40-2TR, leads three other locomotives as the westbound freight rambles through the depot on track 3.
Here's what happens when you use the wrong setting on the camera. The automatic setting set the shutter speed much too low for my telephoto lens. I had a shot of the San Joaquin 701 arriving on track 2 as the UP roared by on track 3. Next time.

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