Sunday, January 14, 2007

Ice in the Pipes

Freezing temperatures in California take all the fun out of gardening in the Bay Area. My sister Elizabeth reported via email:
Here's my COLD story. I was attempting to water our yard this morning when the nozzle on the hose appeared to not be working. So I thought I'd just remove it and water straight from the hose. See (the picture) for the real problem!
According to the National Weather Service, a freeze warning remains in effect for much of Northern California. "A dry and very cold airmass will remain in place over Northern California through at least the first part of this week ... resulting in cold overnight and early morning temperatures."

We can expect temperatures in the teens and twenties to continue across the Sacramento Valley, the Delta, the Motherlode and Southern Lake County, including the Clear Lake area. Overnight lows in California's Central Valley will decrease by a degree or two each morning.

Overnight lows should reach above freezing by Wednesday.

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