Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Dutch Oven Cooking For Large Groups

Ron H. Daumn of the Seattle area spreads a layer of hot coals on a pizza pan. The Scout camp features a unique Dutch oven cooking platform. A bed of river rock and sand protect the wood table. The pizza pans provide a solid surface for the Dutch ovens.

Ron recently cooked a Dutch oven meal for Scout Masters at Camp Pigott of the Chief Seattle Council, near Lake Roesiger, Washington.

He used nine Dutch ovens to feed 45 Scout Masters and camp staff one Friday afternoon. He designed his menu around seven regular and two deep ovens. Ron figures each standard oven will hold enough portions for eight to 10 persons and the deep-style oven will feed 10 to 12.

Here's the menu:
Rattlesnake with Wild Rice (Tastes Just Like Chicken) -- 2 ovens
Shepherds Pie -- 2 ovens
Mountain Man Stew -- 1 deep oven
Broccoli Au Gratin -- 1 deep oven
Green Bean Casserole -- 1 oven
Dutch Apple Cobbler -- 1 oven
Bread Pudding -- 1 oven
A photo essay gives detailed instructions to cook the meal. Access the lead page (of 14 webpages) here. The five or six pictures will help the novice and expert prepare a Dutch oven meal for a larger group.

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