Saturday, November 03, 2007

Oh Lake, Wier Art Thou?

This is my first attempt to blur water in motion. The water rushing through the wier is located at a local lake in Eldorado National Forest. Can you guess where this picture was taken?

Shot settings: f/11, 1/4 second shutter speed, 42 mm focal length, ISO 200 in shutter priority.


  1. Howdy.... thanks for your kind comments about our Germany photos. This is a nice job of getting the angel-hair effect with flowering water. My wife is a professional photographer and good at this stuff. The slow shutter speed means a tripod is necessary and a cable release is a nice touch too. Sometimes a neutral density filter if it is really bright. She teaches me a lot. Feel free to e-mail me at


  2. Thanks, Bret. Since the tripod was in the truck (100 feet plus away), I set the camera on a nearby rock and used the 10-second timer. Rocks aren't always level, by-the-way! So, I had the level out the horizen in my processing software.

    Thanks, Steve

  3. I think you did a nice job for your first try and your make-shift tripod. Beautiful spot.

  4. Thanks Hick ... The tripod would've been better. I'm getting too old to be crouching around that close to the earth.