Saturday, January 10, 2009

US Navy Recipe Service for sale on eBay update

Interestingly, no one bid on the 1950s U.S. Navy recipe set on eBay. The auction, which just concluded, ran for about a week.

Watch the eBay listings if you're interested in this recipe set. Although it's tempting, I already have several recipe sets from the era and won't be bidding.

Click here to locate seller's listing. I'm sure that he will re-list the item soon.

You can also locate this set and similar military cookbooks, like the 1944 Cook Book of the U.S. Navy, by searching on the terms "navy recipe."


  1. I love the retro charm of the set, but the convenience of the online Armed Forces Recipe Service is just sooo convenient. I got rid of my brick phone for the same reason!

  2. Thanks, Ed. Once or twice each year I get an email that asks, "Where can I locate an old military recipe set?" So, I post the auction when I find one.

    Like you, I use the digitized version of AFRS for camp and other times I have to feed large groups. They're convenient and can be transferred to MasterCook without doing as much typing.