Thursday, February 05, 2009

Food For Fifty recipes posted to PantryWorks

I have used the classic quantity cookbook, Food For Fifty (published by Prentice Hall), since I purchased a copy for a college class in 1979.

Although I recommend the book to all cooks when feed large groups, it has always carries a hefty price tag. The 12th edition currently sells for about $87 on (discounted from the $114 list price).

If you occasionally need large quantity recipes and don't want to purchase the book, many (or all?) of the recipes have been posted to the I ran across the recipe website today while searching for a recipe for dumplings. You can access the Food For Fifty recipe listings here.

I don't know if Prentice Hall has given PantryWorks their blessing to post the 735 recipes. PantryWorks has posted recipes from numerous other cookbooks. But feel free to use this recipe resource as long as it remains.

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