Monday, February 02, 2009

Is a Griswold #20 cast iron skillet worth $340?

Although a serious collector may disagree, $100 is my limit for just about any cast iron any piece. Even then it has to be a larger Dutch oven or skillet that I can use to feed a hungry crew of railroaders.

Any cast iron in my modest collection is going to be put work. I don't collect cast iron to use them as show pieces. Each will be used to cook great meals, whether it's for personal camping or for large groups.

I'd love to own this 20-inch Griswold cast iron skillet. But it's current $340 price tag takes it out of my league. Bid if you must, but I suspect that the final selling price will peak at over $400.

All I can do now is watch the auction and dream of the day that I locate an Lodge 20-inch skillet. Although Lodge stopped making the round skillet several years ago, I see them advertised from time to time. I will break my $100 rule when I locate one.


  1. This is the mother of all cast iron skillets! I collect articles at my cast iron skillet blog, and just posted this - what a great shot. I'd break my own rule too if I came across this skillet...

  2. Thanks for the comment and link, Douglas. It sold for over $510 last Monday evening.

    I've love to own it and put the mamoth skillet to work, but I'm afraid I'd have to chain it to a tree. Five bills is much too much to shell out for a skillet.

  3. Hello, do you know of a site where a person can find out the worth of Griswold items? I am having a hard time finding the fair price for my 2 muffin pans, love your site here!

  4. Thanks for writing. There are several sites that deal with Griswold and Wagner cast iron. But I'm not an expert. You'll have to make your own evaluation. Try these:

    You might find an indication of the value of your muffin pans.

  5. visit this site:

    and season it yourself

  6. Anonymous: Do you have a review of the Bayou Classic 20-inch skillet? How does it compare to the Lodge 17-inch in construction and durability? Amazon reviews highlight some problems, although most said they liked the product.

    Here's the link for the Lodge 17-inch skillet:

  7. Just saw the Lodge 17-inch skillet on Amazon for 69.99 preseasoned. I have one that is 20 years old. It is very good quality and that is a good buy. I found the Griswold skillet that started this thread last weekend at a garage sale, bought it for $45.00.

  8. Hi I am selling my Griswold cast iron #20 on Ebay right now I hope I get something similar as you did. Please take a look at the auction it will end in couple of days, item number: 330450994142




  9. I think I may have one of these, but I just got it and it is really coated thickly. I can only read a few of the markings. I know I need to clean it, but if it's worth $500.00 I'm scared to death! I usually clean cast iron by burning wood to make coals and burn off the seasoning and rust. Is that what you would suggest I do? I cannot find a large enough picture to see what the markings should look like. I can make out Made in the USA the #20 and the letters SK and on the opposite side and S. This may or may not be Grizwold or Wagner. It sure does look like it though.

  10. I don't recommend bayou classic quality. It's cheaper but I wasn't impressed, it was pitted in some places and made the food taste funny.

  11. Thanks greenturtle for your input. You confirmed my suspician. That's why I've never purchased one. Instead, I bought a Lodge 17-inch skillet last year for use at camp. It worked very well for eggs.

  12. Trust me, stick to Lodge. (Besides Griswold and Wagner, which are no longer made).

    Old Mountain and Emerilware are a step down, but have some stuff Lodge doesn't have. Sante Cabin/Camp Chef are another step down, they're OK even though Lodge is better.

    Anything else I'd stay away from.

    I had a dutch oven, skillet and reversible griddle from Bayou Classic, and ended up giving them away and replacing them with Lodge. So I ended up spending more money even though they were initially cheaper.