Monday, April 06, 2009

Using summer camp websites

This information might help anyone who's searching for a summer camp job. Camps are now making hiring decisions from the applications that they received earlier this year.

While it's too late to apply for many camp jobs, there are always camps that are still looking to fill positions. In past years, I've seen late-spring pleas from camp directors who desperately need to locate a camp chef. (Bookmark and follow the ACA Message Board for such late-breaking requests.)

It never hurts to contact camp directors and ask about openings. Even though the job market dries up as the calendar advances toward June, candidates do turn down job offers. Jobs remain open for a variety of reasons.

I used four websites that connect job hunters to prospective summer camp jobs. Although I found a number of similar websites, I found these four were the easiest to use.

These sites don't focus on any one job speciality or skill, like food services. Any potential staff member can use these sites. This includes camp director and leadership positions, counselors and unit staff, program specialsts, food service, maintenance and front office staff.

The websites are:
  1. American Camp Association
  2. Christian Camp and Conference Association
In the coming week, I'll critique the four websites. Just note that my critique won't be all-inclusive since my job-search focused on one career path and only involved a limited number of camps.

Instead, it'll give you my thought on how to use these sites. I'm sure someone will be able to learn from my experience.

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