Friday, April 10, 2009

New boots ...

Since I intend to wear my new boots on the job this summer, I started the break-in process with a brisk walk down to Webber Creek this afternoon.

That new boot smell
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I've always like the idea of shopping in local stores for goods and services. While I thing some go to far with the concept, it does add to the charm and character of the community when you patronize local restaurants and shops.

I've searched for a local shoe store for some time. Just when I though I'd have to settle of the Big 5 store in town, our local shoe repair guy told be about Evergreen Footwear.

As I picked a pair of my steel-toed Seabee combat boots this morning, I asked cobbler Walt Grace to refer me to a shoe store. I needed a pair of boots for work and hiking for my job this summer.

At first, Walt pointed me to Arian's Supply Sergeant on Main Street. Although I buy my annual pair of Levis 501 blue jeans in the surplus store, the referral didn't thrill me. I don't see Arian's as a shoe store.

As we talked, Walt quickly mentioned Evergreen Footwear. Located across Broadway from Save Mart in Placerville. While the shoe store seems to cater to women, it does have a fair selection of men's shoes, including a new offering of Wolverine boots.

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