Friday, July 31, 2009

Sysco has arrived

Sysco has arrived
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How do you get food to a wilderness camp? By boat, of course!

Two staff meet the Sysco food truck at the Loon Lake boat ramp and load the 60 cases (or so) onto the camp's boat. After a 10-minute ride across the lake -- all one asks for are calm waters -- the boat is ready to be off-loaded at Ghost Boat Cove, the camp's main cargo point.

From there, the process gets physical. Although campers normally help, staff manually move the food along a 1/4-mile-long trail when campers are on out-trips, as they are today. Once at the lodge building, it's broken down and stowed for the week.

Today, five staff (including the chef) moved the 60 cases in about two hours. It took six loads in our three handcarts. All the frozen and refrigerated food was brought up to the food storeroom first. Dry goods and cleaning chemicals were handled last.

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  1. Steve, Time to make a suggestion to the Camp director for a John Deere Gator. 2 hours for only 60 cases?? That is some work.
    God bless you and your ministry.