Thursday, August 20, 2009

Iron horse chef

Every so often I find pose on the blogoshere that's worth reprinting with little comment. One steam engineer for the Pacific Coast Railroad at the historic Santa Margarita Ranch in Southern California has devolpoed the unique talent of cookin' on the backhead.

Enjoy ...
Engineer Jeff "Grumps" Badger may be a vegetarian, but that doesn't stop him from enjoying some good eatin'. You see, when God gave us the steam engine, he intended for no hoghead to ever go hungry on a hard day's work. The steam locomotive backhead -- the great grandaddy of the dashboard -- might well be the most unexpected kitchen known to man. From injectors to hydrostatic lubricators, firedoor dampers to deck hoses and trycocks to warming trays, there's enough cooking capabilities on these rolling teapots to concoct every carbon-coated creation imaginable. And you thought we'd just let all that lost thermal efficiency escape into the atmosphere! (Click here read more.)

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  1. My Grandma was a genius at firewall cooking. She could put a pork roast under the hood and know just how many miles to drive before it would be ready. She kept a little book with cooking mileages. I remember road-baked shortbread and homemade jam as a snack. Mmmmm