Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Grilled corned beef brisket

Brisket is menued once each month at work. While I usually serve corned beef, I'll purchase a beef brisket when corned beef is too pricey for my budget. Since I grilled the brisket in July, I wanted to see how a grilled corned beef brisket would work. So, yesterday I grilled the 15-pound corned beef on the propane grill.

It took about two and one-half hours to reach an internal temperature of 185 to 190 degrees. The meat came out fork-tender and very succulent. Here's my procedure:
  • Rinsed the brisket under cold running water to wash away as much brine as possible.
  • Trimmed the fat off the top of the brisket to within a quarter inch of the meat.
  • Turned all four burners on the grill to high to pre-heat the grill.
  • Set the meat on the grill without a rub or any seasoning since corned beef already has a strong flavor.
  • Browned the brisket on both sides with the meat centered on the grill.
  • Turned the two outside burners to medium, cut the heat on the two center burners and closed the lid.
  • Turned the brisket over once each hour.
  • Periodically adjusted the two outside burners to keep the grill between 325 and 350 degrees with the lid closed.
  • Cut the heat when the internal temperature of the brisket reached 185 degrees.
The residents enjoyed a succulent, tender piece of corned beef. Except for the bark, the meat wasn't too salty. I accompanied the meat with scalloped potatoes and braised cabbage and carrots.

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