Sunday, March 06, 2011

What's a railroader to do?

We found the Rogue Express Coffee two and one-half years ago on a trip to Washington for a family reunion. After camping at the Valley of the Rogue Campground in July 2008, I found the Rouge Express Coffee "caboose" in Rogue River, Oregon.

We made a return visit this morning on a trip to Canby, Oregon. Leaving home at oh-dark-thirty, we I guided the pick-up truck onto the "coffee caboose spur" some six hours later at 8:30. The coffee was a refreshing pick-me-up midway through our 10-hour trip.

The coffee caboose is located on the Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad. The railroad purchased the Siskiyou line between Eugene, Oregon and Weed, California from the Southern Pacific in the mid-1990s. Rogue River is located on the Roseburg Subdivision of the railroad.


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  2. Steven:
    On your way back, give me a call when you get down to Medford. E-mail me at theoutlawgourmet@hotmail .com and I will give you my number.
    I would like to visit if possible. Can you put a link to rogue on your blog. I am planing to put yours on my blog as soon as I as can get my son to do that. I don"t know how.
    Ron Clanton