Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ugly drum smoker

On Easter Sunday, my sister took her family to a friend's house in Fresno for a barbecue. Her brother build this ugly drum smoker out of a drum that held honey.

I last commented on a UDS in October 2009. Dorie, my sister's friend, posted this description of her brother's UDS:
Dorie said...
BELIEVERS--My brother, who is in Ag Sales, gave us this ugly farmer's drum with holes at the side that a steel bar goes through. The next step is to hang chunks of meat on stainless steel hooks and smoke them to perfection for 2-3 hours. It uses very little charcoal and creates some great tasting meat. My husband has hauled this ugly thing to work BBQs and has made believers out of many tri-tip loving City of Fresno employees!
Enjoy the pictures ...

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