Saturday, October 08, 2011

Kent Rollin's Chuck Wagon Cooking School

Kent Rollin's Chuck Wagon Cooking School is one of those vacations that I wish would come sooner than later. Instead I have to wait six months. The anticipation grows each day as I look forward to the course.

I learned of the school two weeks ago during a routine Google search. I had located a vintage Griswold Dutch oven at a local antique dealer. The right combination of search words reacquainted me with Kent's website at

Once I viewed the website I realized that I had quoted the chuckwagon cook and cowboy poet in the past. The topic in May 2009 was camp coffee. "Cookie’s first thing on the fire, and the last thing off; was for sure - 'The coffee'; and some say - the most important part of a camp meal!" explained Kent in the October 29, 2003 issue of the Chef2Chef Recipe Club weekly email.

Although I've never spent much time on or near cattle ranches, there's something about the chuckwagon that appeals to me. I could easily adapted my lifestyle to that of a nineteenth-century wagon cook. Kent's Chuck Wagon Cooking Scool may give me the opportunity to get learn from the master.

My wife and I are already making plans to attend the school from March 28 to April 1, 2012. And I'll finally have the opportunity to meet Kent and work behind his 1876 Studebaker Chuckwagon.

Enjoy the video. I'll have more to say in the coming week about the school.

YouTube video description (posted August 26, 2009): Every spring and fall, Kent Rollins, cowboy poet, humorist and chuck wagon cook, teaches students how to cook in a Dutch oven. To learn more visit

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  1. this looks like fun enjoyed the clip sometimes they do cooking demonstrations like this at a historic site here