Saturday, February 16, 2013

Kent Rollin's 1876 Studebaker chuckwagon

Have you ever wondered what goes into a well-designed and well-stocked chuckwagon?

"This was our kitchen cupboard, our kitchen table, our kitchen counter. Everything was done right here on this old chuckbox," explains cowboy chef Kent Rollins from the working end of the chuckwagon. He frequently caters with his wife Shannon out of the back of his 1876 Studebaker chuckwagon.

Kent answers these questions in this video by Western Horseman. Remove the tailgate, fit in a chuckbox and "any wagon" could be converted into a chuckwagon. Kent explains the setup of the chuckbox and table, boot, coffee grinder, side table and water barrel.

He also introduces the topic of cowboy etiquette. "It was always law. It was always in the code of ethics (for) cowboys and cooks that this was sacred ground. Between this chuckbox lid and my fire no cowboy would ever enter," explains Kent in the video. Cowboys respected the cook. They wouldn't come under the tent fly without asking permission.

Enjoy ...

YouTube description: "Kent Rollins shows the key features of his 1876 Studebaker chuckwagon."

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