Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's time to retire this chef coat

After three years and three months, I've been laid off from my job as the house chef for a drug and alcohol recovery home. The facility, located in a 113 year-old boarding house in Mid-town Sacramento, is closing its doors at the end of the month. The facility was used to rehabilitate female parolees after release from California prisons.

During my tenure, I planned the menu and cooked for up to 26 residents during the week. Teaching was an important component to my position at Bridges. Since I enjoyed the weekend off duty, I trained the women to cook lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday. It was a good job, one that I will sorely miss. It's now time to move on.


  1. Wow 113 years long time. Good luck on the new place wherever it may be.

  2. Thanks, Ted. The building is 113 years old, not the business. The boarding house housed the recovery home for around five years.