Monday, March 18, 2013

Never cross the cook on the open range

Enjoy the opening sequence to the 1968 Western Classic Will Penny. Slim Pickens played the chuckwagon cook. All I have to say is never steal biscuits from the cook!

"Chuck! Come on you cow nurses," hollers the wagon cook, played by Pickens. "Come and get it or I'll throw it out. Chuck's on!"

Video description: "Will Penny -- (Movie Clip) Open, Git Along
"Elongated opening sequence featuring star Charlton Heston and Slim Pickens as the crusty cook, in writer-director Tom Gries' Western Will Penny, 1968, photographed by Lucien Ballard."

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  1. Haven't seen that in 20 some odd years. Always makes me chuckle. Thanks.