Friday, May 30, 2014

Working on baked apple pancake recipe for camp

Stay tuned to 'Round the Chuckbox. I'm working on a baked apple pancake, or big Dutch baby, for breakfast at Oakland Feather River Camp. We've done two test runs to date. The first followed the original recipe from the January 2014 issue of Sunset Magazine. It was good. But I felt it needed something to add interest to the recipe for our campers.

The first test recipe for the bug Dutch baby. We served it with honey and lemon juice.
For the second test, I doubled the recipe and prepared it in a full-sized two-inch hotel pan with caramelized apples. This is more practical for large groups instead of using multiple skillets. I though the finished product had a cake-like quality to it. Several staffers agreed.

For our next test, I plan to adjust the quantity of flour and add lemon juice or apple cider reduction to the batter. Apple cider will certainly complement the caramelized apples. I'll report back after my next test.

I'm caramelizing fresh apples for the second test recipe. While I though the recipe was good, it needs perfection before I post it on these pages.

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