Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Dutch Oven Trailer at IDOS Convention

Two weeks ago at the International Dutch Oven Convention in Farmington, Utah, I saw a nice Dutch oven trailer. Owner and manufacturer Lynn Benson said he originally made the trailer for himself. I got tired of loading and unloading the pickup. A trailer dedicated to cooking made sense to him.

Lynn manufacturers trailers in Sandy, Utah under the company name First Resort Mfg. The Dutch oven trailer is called the Dutch Wagon. The large model is Lynn's personal trailer and the prototype. He was still in the process of finishing the smaller trailer during the convention.

The larger of the two Dutch Wagons at the convention. The right side is set up for Dutch oven cooking. A two-burner Camp Chef propane stove and a grill (gas or charcoal) is on the left side. Propane is stored under the igloo jug. A traditional chuckbox is situated at the rear of the trailer.

The right side of the larger trailer. The trailer is designed so you can drop your own two-burger stove in place -- no need to purchase a new stove. The gas or charcoal grill is located under the silver and green cover.
Unfortunately, I didn't take measurements of the trailers. Lynn did say that a pickup truck with a V8 engine should be able to tow either trailer. As I remember, he used a larger diesel pick up to tow the larger trailer to the fairgrounds.

The smaller of the trailers.
Would I purchase one of these trailers? Probably not. One of his trailers certainly would be a novelty. But I'd look in to it if you're looking for something for outdoor catering. Lynn sounded like he would work with you on specifications from our short discussion.

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  1. Steven, we now have a web site for the wagon, www.dutchwagon.net/. If anyone needs info on the dutchwagon, they can contact us at

    hglissmeyer@juno.com or

    great article about my dad.