Monday, June 20, 2005

Beef Tacos for 100

This is the basic taco recipe that I use at camp.


22 pounds lean ground beef
2-3/4 cups taco seasoning (see recipe)
200 taco shells
6 pounds cheddar cheese, grated
6 pounds lettuce, shredded
3-1/2 pounds onion, chopped
3-1/4 quarts salsa or taco sauce

Cook beef until it loses its pink color; stir to break apart. Drain fat. Add taco seasoning to beef. Saute 5 minutes. Arrange taco shells on sheet pans. Using a convection oven, bake 2 to 3 minutes at 325 degrees F on high fan, open vent until just heated. Place 1/4-cup meat filling in each taco; line up next to each other in steam table pan. Just before serving, top each taco with 2 tablespoons cheese, 2-1/3 tablespoons lettuce, 2 teaspoons onions, and 1 tablespoon salsa or taco sauce.


  1. thanks for the help! i'm cooking for church this week and i didn't have any idea how many pounds of stuff to purchase.

  2. When it's a serve yourself set up do you think more ingredients are needed? If so, how much? I assume people will be more generous on the amounts they take.

  3. This recipe was developed from the US Armed Forces. It's based on each person taking the same amount of letuce, cheese, onions, etc. You should be okay. I find most people take less (except possibly for cheese and meat -- you may need to control thopse items).


  4. Steven, I just found your wedsite and think it's great. I am a captain of a food group at church and am also looking for a recipe to make chicken, bean & cheese, or beef ehchiladas for 100. Do you have any recipes I could use at the church?
    Cyndee Nyquist