Saturday, September 17, 2005

Iron Chef Challenge Dutch Oven Cookoff Rules

  1. All cooking and preparation must be done in Dutch ovens as the primary cooking utensil.

  2. Coals must not be less than 12-inches off the ground. Only charcoal may be used as the heat source.

  3. Teams may consist of 1 to 3 members.

  4. Each team will be given the “secret ingredient” at the beginning of the cookoff. The secret ingredient will be used as the main ingredient for as many dishes as possible. All dishes must to be prepared and served in the allotted cooking time.

  5. a. Teams may bring their own pantry items to assist in the preparation of the “secret ingredient” to include fresh produce, meats, spices and herbs, and commercially canned foods. No home prepared, canned food items, or wild game will be allowed to be used in any dish, with the exception of sourdough starters only. Any home prepared items, other than sourdough starts, will disqualify the team from the cook-off. NO EXCEPTIONS! Game meats may be used only if purchased from a commercial meat store or grocery store. Game must be packed in commercial packaging with labels attached to packaging and approved by the organizers.
    b. Once the cookoff starts, no team member or other person may leave the cookoff to purchase ingredients or supplies from any store to be added into any dish. Extra charcoal may be available for purchase at the cookoff for those unexpected extra heat requirements.
    c. All dishes and foods must be totally prepared on site.

  6. Practice safe food handling techniques at all times. Food poisoning of anyone is not allowed. Ice chests are recommended. Keep hot food hot and cold food cold.

  7. We use charcoal as the only heat source to cook with in the cook-off. So please, NO COOKING ON GAS STOVES, EXCEPT to boil water for sanitation purposes only.

  8. Each team must have a ABC 2 lb. minimum fire extinguisher and a metal bucket to contain ashes and dispose of properly in large ash receptacle supplied by cook-off organizers

  9. No electric or gas powered appliances may be used for the cook-off. No batteries, generators, or other may be used. Only hand cranked human powered appliances are allowed.

  10. All cooking will stop and dishes must be ready for service by the finish time at 12:00 p.m. at the front of your cooking area. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  11. Garnishing is nice but is NOT a judging factor in this competition. Keep it simple but nice.

  12. Most important HAVE LOTS OF FUN and hand in recipes with dishes (ingredient lists) so we have an idea of what you did and can make up a cook book for everyone to share. Cookbooks will be sent to each team after the competition.

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