Saturday, September 17, 2005

Letter from Dave Herzog

Dave Herzog sent me this letter for the Iron Chef Challenge Cookoff in Reno, Nevada on October 15, 2005. It includes much of the information that's already been published at 'Round the Chuckbox. Everything I currently know of the cookoff is found in Dave's letter.


Dear Dutch oven cook and enthusiasts:

The Cast Iron Cooks of the West is holding a fundraising “Iron Chef” Dutch oven cookoff in Reno, Nevada on October 15, 2005 for hurricane Katrina relief efforts. The cookoff will be held in the parking lot of Sportsman’s Warehouse at 3306 Keitzke Ln. Rules, a registration sheet, and judging form is enclosed in the packet so you have an idea of how we will run this cook-off.

Each team may consist of up to 3 team members and will have a cooking area of approximately 12’ X 12’ to cook in. We are suggesting that each team bring some sort of easy up or cover in case of the weather. Each team may bring pantry type of items to supplement the secret ingredient box, which each team will receive at the cooks meeting just before the cook-off begins.

All proceeds will be going to the American Red Cross and Salvation Army hurricane Katrina relief efforts. Since we are putting this cook-off together with such a short amount of time a list of prizes is not complete but is extensive and is growing daily. If you have any questions contact me at (530) 257-0896 or e-mail at Or you can contact Sarah Wootten in the camping dept. at Sportsman’s Warehouse in Reno at (775) 828-1500.

We will also be having a DOG at the same time as the cook-off to raise additional funds, if you don’t want to enter the cook-off. Just contact myself or Sarah to let us know you will be attending. The schedule is as follows:

9:00 a.m. start charcoal fires
9:15 a.m. cooks meeting and “secret ingredient” handout
9:30 a.m. cookoff begins
12:00 p.m. judging of cook-off
12:30 p.m. (approximately) public sampling of dishes by cook-off teams and DOG serving.

Please contact us by September 23 to enter the cook-off

Good Luck!!!

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