Monday, January 16, 2006

Frank's Hearty Skillet Breakfast Revisited

Many will remember two blogs on Frank's Hearty Skillet Breakfast (here and here). On an overnight camping trip last August to Wench Creek in Eldorado National Forest, Frank cooked a breakfast of bacon, sausage, fried potatoes, gravy and scrambled eggs in to large cast iron skillets.

For some, the troublesome element of this breakfast was its economical use of bacon and sausage grease. Not one drop of the rendered fat was lost to the fire or garbage.

Frank's breakfast is hearty is an epicurean contradiction -- good tasting and not-so-good for you, all in one setting.

My family recently learned that Frank is moving his family and his construction skills to Idaho, where he is going to manage a division for a large contractor.

So last weekend, we took one last camping trip, this time to Sly Park. Campers were few and the fee was reasonable at $10 per night. Winter camping is more primitive than summer camping at Sly Park. They shut the water system off in winter to prevent the pipes from bursting. Sly Park doesn't have electrical hookups.

Frank repeated his breakfast production, this time without the scrambled eggs. This time I snapped several photographs of the breakfast. Here they are:

Two cast iron skillets with cottage fried potatoes on the left and bacon grease on the right.

Contractor, turned breakfast cook.

Sausage patties deep fried in bacon grease.

Gravy just isn't gravy without biscuits.

Breakfast gravy simmers over the campfire.

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