Thursday, March 16, 2006

Spring 2006 Issue of IDOS Newsletter Ready for Printers

I finished my last issue of the International Dutch Oven Society's Dutch Oven News last week. The president has it and it should be off to the printers very soon.

Members should start seeing their copies of the newsletter around mid-April, just in time for the IDOS spring convention in Farmington, Utah. East and west coast members won't receive their copies until the end of April (or later).

Bulk mail is fickle and slow. Those who live close to Ogden, Utah, usually receive their copy first. I've received mine in Northern California as late as a month and a half after its posting.

The spring issue is back up to 24 pages after the dismal showing of 12 pages for the winter issue. IDOS really needs all of the chapters to send in quarterly reports. I encourage all chapter directors to send a 150 to 200 word report to the new editor as soon as he/she is announced.

Here's what's inside the spring issue:
  • Pair honored with private tour of Lodge plant
  • Clyde Miller's last column as president -- the election for society and regional officers
  • president, vice-president, treasurer and 6 regional directors) is underway
  • Pilaf is ideal camp food
  • Mississippi's Kast Iron Kookers practice art of Dutch oven cooking, a re-printed article from Today in Mississippi
  • Rust removal using electrolysis
  • Chapter reports from Florida, Mississippi and Southern California
  • The Outlaw Gourmet by Ron Clanton
At this point, I don't know who the editor will be. In IDOS, the newsletter editor is appointed by the president. It will be up to the new president. That will likely be Randy Macari of Utah since he's the only candidate.

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