Tuesday, September 19, 2006

No Visitors Here

After viewing mop up of the Ralston Fire from Nevada Point Ridge in northern Eldorado National Forest Saturday, my son and I stopped by Bald Mountain Lookout. The lookout, one of three with the same name in California, is located about eight miles east of Georgetown.

My intention was to view the fire area from the lookout tower and visit with the attendant. Instead, I found a 10-foot chain-link fence guarding the steps up into the Coppola.

Unlike many western lookouts, Bald Mountain is closed to the public. The attendant never ventured out onto the cat walk to greet us. He (or she?) kept busy monitoring the radio and watching for fires.

Bald Mountain is one of several active lookouts in Eldorado National Forest. The current tower is the fourth one to occupy the site.

Big Hill Lookout is the most prominent. Perched a top the 6132-foot mountain, the tower sits in full view of Union Valley Reservoir. It was rebuilt after the 1992 Cleveland Fire destroyed the 1935-era tower.

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