Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday Morning Breakfast

One of my favorite Saturday morning breakfasts consists of eggs over easy, cottage onions and fried potatoes, buttered toast and a tall glass of orange juice. Add a steaming cup of camp coffee and grilled sausage patties and you have the best outdoors breakfast.

The secret to perfectly caramelized onions is to start them in a 10-inch heavy cast iron skillet over medium heat. Add one large sliced onion to hot vegetable oil or bacon drippings.

I cook my onions over higher heat at first. This gives them a little color before I reduce the heat to low. A dash of kosher salt will encourage moisture in the onion to seep out.

Be sure to stand there and watch the skillet when working with higher heat. Stir often. Reduce the heat to low when the onions start cooking too fast.

I continue cooking the onions over low heat until they have developed a rich brown color and are soft. Add four medium diced par-cooked red potatoes into the skillet and cook until the potatoes have taken on a light brown color.

Season with kosher salt, ground black pepper and paprika (if desired). A skillet of golden cottage fried onions and potatoes will serve 4 to 6.

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