Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Latest Newsletter from Cee Dub

Howdy Ya'll From Cee Dub and Pen:

Last year prior to leaving North Central Idaho for the Texas Hill Country, we received many dire warnings about the merciless summer heat. One native Texan phrased it this way. "The only difference between Hell and Texas in the summertime is everyone speaks with a drawl in Texas." Though we still have a good portion of summer ahead of us, we've been pleasantly surprised up till now. Here at the ranch we've broken into the nineties only one day, though we may hit that mark again today or tomorrow. Also, we've been spared the really bad storms, but have received so much rain that the cactus are starting to die. But the wildflowers have beat anything we've ever seen anywhere!

En route back to Texas last March after our winter tour in the Northwest, Pen ended up in the hospital in Boise suffering from severe abdominal pain. It turned out to be ulcers and pancreatitis. Now, three months later, after an additional hospitalization, more tests than we both care to recall, it appears things are under control. However, the cause of her pancreatitis has not been determined. As a result, though, we've learned a whole new style of cooking to help her cope with this condition.

Anyway ... with Pen on the mend, we've kept busy teaching clinics, teaching at kids' summer camps, including the YO Ranch Adventure Camp, and working on our new cookbook!

New Items from Camp Chef, Our New Cookbook, Status TV Shows, Fall Tour Dates and Dutch Oven University

Here's what's happenin' and going to happen at Cee Dub's over the next few months!

With the summer camping season in full swing, remember to check out Cee Dub's product line to fill any gaps in your camp kitchen. Here are some NEW Items at Cee Dub's from Camp Chef!

SDO-12D - Classic 12-inch Deep Dutch oven. (Our personal one came last week just in time for Cee Dub’s birthday dinner! We broke it in with a recipe from our new cookbook.)

CT-38 – Back by popular demand ... Cee Dub's favorite Camp Chef Cooking Table. Built big enough and tough enough to handle even stacks of the largest Dutch ovens; with the leg extensions on, it makes the best serving table for hot Dutch ovens that we’ve ever used.

SDO-16 – Called "The Grizzly" - featuring the track of a grizzly bear cast onto the lid. This is the first and largest of Camp Chef’s Classic DO Wildlife Series. Great for pizza, nachos, rolls, or whatever you need to cook for a hungry crowd. Pre-seasoned, as is all Camp Chef cast iron, it is one of the best cast iron values on the market!

Camp Chef’s full line of "Cabin Kitchen Cookware." We've been testing this line since we stopped at Camp Chef near the end of March. Pen and I have found it is as good as you can get. (Tip – Just like our antique Griswold and Wagner Ware corn pans, we have found that to avoid sticking problems with recipes containing a corn batter, it's best to pre-heat to cooking temperatures the Cactus Pan, the Corn Pan, the Wedge Pan, and the Perch Pan. You'll find cleanup is much easier if the corn batter sizzles when it is poured into a cast iron baking pan!)

Our fifth cookbook, Gather ‘Round the Table with Cee Dub, is in progress. In addition to a section on sausage making, nutritional information for recipes, and more of Cee Dub's stories, we're using many recipes that fit in the 'Light & Easy' category as well as recipes for smaller portions. Whether it's an appetizer, veggie dish, main dish, or a dessert, etc.; if you have a favorite recipe you’d like to share, please submit to ceedub@swtexas.net NO LATER THAN JULY 20! Please include with your e-mail a permission statement allowing Cee Dub's, LLC to publish it. Each recipe submitted that is chosen will receive credit in the book and a complimentary copy. Our tentative publication date is 9/1/2007.

Last winter it was our goal to be announcing the airing of a new TV Series on RFD-TV by July 1. But a number of factors have led us to put any new TV shows on the back burner for the foreseeable future. We had the series planned down to the last recipe; but production costs, plus the cost of airtime, put any hope of shows this year beyond our reach. As a Mom & Pop outfit, every project is subject to our own cost/beneifit analysis. The new cookbook takes precedence.

To make things easier on ourselves and reduce the number of hats that both Pen and I wear here at Cee Dub's, we are looking for an agent and/or production company to help us make more Dutch Oven Cookin' shows with Cee Dub a reality. If you are interested, or know someone with an interest, please contact us!

Check the "Appearances" Icon on our Home Page. We'll have all our newly booked appearances posted within the next few days.

Our Round Top, Texas Clinic held last month was a huge success and a lot of fun. But in order to accommodate an invitation to appear at Ponca State Park, in Ponca City, Nebraska, on Sept 22-23, we’ve combined both our September Dutch Oven U. clinics into one session. Register now to guarantee your spot. Looking ahead to tentative commitments we have for 2008, this may the last time we schedule Cee Dub’s Dutch Oven University until 2009.

It's my best guess that the person who coined the old saying, "Time flies when your having fun!", had not yet reached their 57th birthday. Anyway...I'LL AGREE THAT TIME IS A FLYIN', BUT I HAVE A HARD TIME REMEMBERING ALL THE FUN I'M SUPPOSED TO HAVE HAD!Obviously as time continues to fly, things will contine to change here at Cee Dub's. We'll keep you posted via the website and our newsletters.All our thanks to friends and customers. May your summer cookin' keep em' filled up and happy!

Cee Cub and PDub

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