Thursday, April 17, 2008

Phil Reader's Cowboy Hibachi

Don Mason posed this question last week: "That is a great picture of that Cowboy Hibachi. I would like to make one. Do you have any more pictures at different angles?"

Well, Don, I think I got much more than what you originally asked. Here are Phil Reader's photographs and description of his newly improved Cowboy Hibachi.

Enjoy ...

    Hi Steve:

    Here are some pictures of the latest and much improved "Cowboy Hibachi".

    This one I built for my old Boy Scout Troop 599. I plan on presenting it to them sometime soon as a surprise at a troop meeting.

    Some of the "improved features" are:
    • Wind screen/heat riser welded to the disc
    • Raised border on the grill to prevent hot dogs from rolling off the grill
    • Rotisserie/spit attachment that can be raised or lowered
    • Coffee pot hook and pouring device and a tool holder
    The uprights are 38 inches long are made from 3/4-inch round stock. The cross bar is also 3/4-inch round stock that started out at 48 inches long.

    Enjoy the pictures. Any questions, just email. Tell your friend to have fun building it. I find mine very useful and versatile -- you can rotisserie, hang a Dutch oven or grill on it. The other night, we even did a stir fry in a wok.


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