Saturday, June 28, 2008

Camp 2008 -- Goal #1: Reduce leftovers

The first goal is to reduce the volume of leftovers we serve on Saturday.

Although breakfast on Saturday is an impressive meal, it's too much food for our last meal. Most of the leftovers at tossed or packaged for home use by the cooks.

It's hard to convince 90 to 120 campers to eat all the camp's leftovers when they were up half the night eating pizza (a treat of the counselors). Home is all that's on their mind at this point in the week. Plus, many have planned off-camp gatherings at local fast food restaurants.

Since the camp's inaugural year in 2002, I've used creative ways to use camp leftovers. Repackaging has worked for some (see Thomas Jefferson frittata). I've billed Thursday as "Catch Up Day" on the menu for about three years.

Although it may be a challenge because registration numbers are down this year, my goal is to closely monitor the amount of food we prepare for each meal. For many meals I've purchased one or two cases or boxes less than last year. I'd rather cook less food than to be faced with excessive leftovers.

Unfortunately, registration numbers will likely come at about 5 to 10 campers less than the director's planning number. I may have too much food even though I trimmed my Sysco purchase by 20 or more cases. Time will tell.

To accomplish this goal, I plan to watch my instructions closely on the food production worksheet. I'll have more to say about this process in goal number 3.


  1. I like your 'catch up day' we have done the same in the past...we named ours 'Chef's Choice' which as you would probably suspect is a re-improvisation of leftovers, or mass amounts of 'leftover' products we need to start working in and out thru the menu.

    Although my latest menu held no surprises for dinner tonight, Leftovers! was the label.

  2. Chef's choice is wonderful! I think the modern term is "re-packaging" ... either way, it helps build in cost conrtols and conservation of resources.

    Thanks, Steve