Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dawson helispot

Dawson Helispot
Originally uploaded by SeabeeCook
This one of those rare instances where I had a chance to record some helicopter action around my home. As I drove south on Missouri Flat Road Thursday evening, I saw Diamond Springs Engine 46 (from the Town of El Dorado) blocking the driveway to Dawson Oil's fuel facility at Missouri Flat and Pleasant Valley roads.

I dashed home, grabbed my camera and returned five minutes later.

In the photo, firefighter-medics from Diamond Springs Engine 49 and El Dorado County Medic 26 prepare to transfer the patient from the gurney to the helicopter stretcher as the REACH air ambulance stands ready to lift off.

During the transfer, the pilot sat in the right seat with the rotor blades spinning. Two REACH air medics assisted with the transfer.

Medic 26 transported the patient from the accident site at Mother Lode and Pleasant Valley roads the helispot. Diamond Springs Engines 46 and 49 supplied personnel to control the helispot and assist with patient transfer.

Since Diamond Springs Assistant Chief 8101 was on site, I assume he directed the transfer.


  1. I find watching helicopters to be fascinating too. It's amazing the places a helicopter can fly, but oh how very dangerous. Those pilots must be very alert and careful at all times.

  2. Thanks, zhakee. I spend 29 years in the Navy and only got on helos 4 or 5 times. I guess the cooks don't lead exciting lives!