Saturday, September 27, 2008

Value of a recipe ...

Early last week Cathy posted a comment to my recipe for Beef Tacos for 100. The recipe helped her determine purchase amounts for the tacos. Here's he brief message:
Thanks for the help! I'm cooking for church this week and I didn't have any idea how many pounds of stuff to purchase. Cathy
Thank you for your input, Cathy. Your comment succinctly indicates that a recipe is more than a list of ingredients and a set of instructions.

A well-written recipe tells you how much food to purchase. When it's written for 100 portions (as many institutional recipes are) you can derive important data on the quantity per hundred to purchase and prepare.

As you found out, 22 pounds ground beef will yield 100 (1/4-cup) servings of seasonned, cooked taco meat. That's enough meat for 200 tacos.

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