Saturday, March 20, 2010

Eatin' on the range ...

Here's an interesting tidbit from The Outing Magazine in 1911:

The difficult-to-please Easterner who drops in at Delmonico's or the Cafe Martin and glowers through the list of dishes in search of a fresh delicacy to tempt his appetite would receive something of a jolt if he should be confronted suddenly with the menu of an Arizona cowboy. It runs about like this:

(at 5 a. m.)
Fried Veal Steak
Potatoes, fried raw
Sour-dough Biscuit

(at 11 or 12)
Fried Veal Steak
Fried Potatoes
Cold Sour-dough Biscuit

(anywhere from 4 o'clock on)
Fried Veal Steak
Fried Potatoes

Source: The Outing Magazine, October 1911 (Volume 58, No. 1), page 714.

"Outing was a late-nineteenth- and early twentieth-century American magazine covering a variety of sporting activities. It began publication in 1882 as the Wheelman and had four title changes before ceasing publication in 1923," according to Wikipedia.

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