Saturday, June 24, 2006

Chuckbox Ideas on Scoutmaster Blog

One recurring question on the International Dutch Oven Society forum is, "Where can I get chuckbox plans?"

In answer to the question, I found several posts to the Scoutmaster blog over at Typepad that may help the aspiring chuckbox owner. (I've updated the links.) Back in March and April, the blogmaster posted photographs of several home-built and commercial designs.

Here are the blog posts at Scoutmastercg:

Patrol box design -- this is a folding kitchen in a box.

More Camp Kitchens -- mostly commercial designs like Blue Sky and Camper's Chuck Box. It does feature one interesting adaptation. A Jeep CJ6er took an military surplus trunk and converted it into a chuckbox.

Chuck boxes -- a mix of commercial and home-built designs. He features the original chuckbox and this unique layout.


  1. Excellent idea to store all the kitchen items in the car.

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