Sunday, June 18, 2006

Prime Rib Roast in the Dutch Oven

Dave Herzog slow roasted three standing rib roasts at an Dutch oven gathering at the rendezvous last Saturday, June 10. We also had baked potatoes, round top Texas pinto beans, glazed carrots with shallots and parsley, Dutch oven pesto bread and cobblers. The food was the best part of the evening.

For the DOG, he roasted the three large rib roasts on a 22-inch MACA Dutch oven packed in rock salt. It took about 12 (4-pound) boxes of salt for the three roasts.

These instructions and pictures are from the 2003 Carson City Rendezvous. That year, Dave roasted a five-bone rib roast in 14-inch deep Lodge Dutch oven. Remember that roasting times are approximate and will vary according to ambient temperature and wind conditions.

Season the roast with freshly ground black pepper. Make about 1-dozen slits in the surface of the roast and stuff with fresh garlic cloves.

Pour a 1-inch layer of rock salt into the bottom of a 14-inch deep camp oven. You need two (4-pound) boxes of rock salt for the roast.

Place the seasoned roast into the Dutch oven. A 4-bone roast will also fit into a 14-inch camp oven. Use a 12-inch oven for a 3-bone roast.

Pour rock salt over the roast. Two boxes of rock salt are perfect for a 5-bone roast. You will need more rock salt for a smaller roast.

Place the lid on the Dutch oven. Place 12 charcoal briquettes on the kid and 10 under the oven for target temperature of 250-deg F. Each hour, add about 6 coals to the lid and 4 coals under the oven.

After about 3 hours, remove the remaining coals and lift the lid off the oven. Carefully remove the roast and place it on a cutting board. Discard the salt. Place an aluminum foil tent over it to retain heat. Let the roast rest for about 15 minutes. Then cut the ribs away and slice the roast. You be greeted with a succulent medium-rare roast that isn't salty. In fact, you may find it necessary to sprinkle a little kosher salt over your slice.


  1. Tried this tonight - small prime rib, 12 inch DO. I was skeptical, but it turned out great!


  2. Couldn't you use a trivet and surround the meat with veggies. Does it taste salty?