Monday, July 10, 2006

Camp -- 2006 Kitchen Camp Song

Early in the week I learned that my second cook and dining room host (mother and daughter) were scheming to get us all on stage during the talent show. Carol and Elisa came to camp with with words in hand and a skit worked out. We spent Friday working on the song in between meals.

It worked.

All the cooks joined me on stage to sing this song to the tune of the Ballad of the Green Berets:


At the Florida College Camp,
We have come to cook and sweat,
And we know that when Saturday comes
All the kids willa been well fed.

Should we by chance cough or sneeze
Just be sure to use those sleeves
Everyone knows that's what they're for
And to wipe things off the floor.

We want those kids to not get sick
So we'll be careful what we lick
We'll be careful how things are done
And always share our cinnamon buns.

Is that a hair? Oh no can't be!
Cause be agree to decree
That all must shave their heads so bare
Or be fired as a volunteer.

When our work at camp is done
And we travel near and far,
We'll think of you from FC Camp
As we hobble to our cars.

See you next year!

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