Thursday, July 06, 2006

Camp -- Thomas Jefferson Frittata

What do you do with two pans of leftover macaroni and cheese?

The answer: re-package and serve it for breakfast! Thomas Jefferson frittata to be precise. While not a true frittata, our leftover mac and cheese woke a few kids up this morning. It got most thinking, "What's the connection between Jefferson and mac and cheese?" (Jefferson is credited with bringing the first pasta machine to the U.S. from Italy in 1787.)

A slice of true frittata may have been nice next to an oven fresh cinnamon roll and 2-ounce sausage link. But remember, we didn't do anything to the mac and cheese -- only re-packaged it. In the end, 165 kids and adults only ate 24 servings.

I'll have more on leftovers later. Today is "catch up day" in the Northern California FC Camp kitchen.

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