Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Winter Camp Cookoff rules

It's time to get the rules straight in blog No. 18 ...


Winter Camp Cookoff

Contestant Cooking Rules

  1. Cook great food and have lots of fun.
  2. Enter 1, 2 or 3 categories of your choice.
  3. Teams may consist of 1 to 4 members.
  4. Teams provide all ingredients, and cooking utensils.
  5. Please use good health practices. Ice chests are recommended. Keep cold food cold and hot foods hot.
  6. You must use charcoal briquettes and all fires must be least 12 inches off the ground.
  7. All foods must be totally prepared and cooked on site using Dutch ovens as the primary cooking utensil. Sourdough starters are exempt from this rule.
  8. The use of battery or electric appliances is not allowed.
  9. The use of home processed foods or wild game is not allowed.
  10. Gas or propane stove is only allowed to heat water for good hygiene and safe food practices. A fire extinguisher should be present for the gas and propane stove.
Click here for more information on the Winter Camp Cookoff.

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